Rajayoga Education & Research Foundation of Brahmakumaris has organized an awareness program on ‘Good-Bye Diabetes’ on 04.02.2017Saturday from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM at Kuchalambal Kalyana Mahal, Chetpet, Chennai.  More than 500 participants attended.

Dr Shrimanth Kumar, Diabetologist and Holistic Care Physician of Brahamakumaris International Head Quarters, Mount Abu, Rajasthan conducted the program.

The guests who inaugurated the program by candle lighting were Dr K Senguttuvan, MD (Director of Medical and Rural Health Services, Chennai), Dr K Rajendran (Director, Malligai Hospital), ​D​r Brijendra Kumar Srivastava (Asst. Director & Consultant, Dr Mohan’s Diabetic Specialities Centre, Chennai), Dr V Chockalingam (Cardialogist, Best Heart Surgery Hospital, Chennai), B K Beena (Service Co-ordinator, Brahmakumaris, TN Zone, Chennai) and B K Kalavathi (Senior Rajayoga Teacher, Brahmakumaris, Chennai).

B K Kalavathiji gave the Welcome Speech to the gathering.

​ ​B K Beenaji has given the introduction & worldwide services of the institution.

Dr Senguttuvan referred about the lack of awareness and loss of life throughout the world due to diabetes.  He also shared that proper food, exercise and meditation can prevent diabetes.

Dr Shrimant Kumar explained about the present life style and food habits.  Diabetes is a non-communicable disease but a silent killer.  40 Crores are affected by Diabetes throughout the World.  He also mentioned that diabetes was 1% during 1970’s and now it has increased to 40% of the Indian Population.  He also emphasized that Stress is also a main reason for this increase.  Regular Rajyoga Meditation practice will help to get rid of Diabetes.

Dr Brijendra Kumar Shrivastava informed that 90% of the coronary blocks can be reduced to 0% and  eventhough it is a genetic disorder, it can be cured by 8 years’ continuous Rajayoga Meditation.

​  ​Dr V Chockalingam, the famous Cardiolgist Doctor for the past 50 years mentioned that he would pursue the practice of Rajyoga Meditation regularly.

There were seven sessions conducted by Dr Shrimant Kumar in English with simultaneous translation in Tamil.  The sessions were presented with musical exercise and video clippings.  Many TIPS were given to keep the Diabetes under control.

There was a good feedback from all the participants about the program.